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This Great Lodge known as 544,

An irreverent bunch that’s for sure,

Educational elements open for dissection,

Their festive board full of interjection.

More than just ritual, they add diversity,
Yes, those irreverent Masons from Lodge University,

The toast to their visitors never stays on track,
The responder prepare for a quick-witted wisecrack.

Their portion of education is second to none,
Bright minds add interest with a touch of fun,
From Ruth to the Knights Templar, they’ll expand your mind,

A better-rounded Lodge is hard to find.

If you miss a meeting, you’ve missed an event,
They hold regular luncheons with a Masonic bent,

Their names all have letters added on the end,
Their interjections are witty and not intended to offend.

Interest rates are high and the traffic is hell,
We have global warming: Whom do they blame? Yes! The UGL!

“An irreverent bunch!” I shout in exaltation,
Whatever you do, don’t mention “Accreditation”.

Gaudeamus Igitur they sing as their motto,
They love their wine, but my lemoncello makes ‘em blotto,

This well balanced Lodge that conducts great ritual,
In the South their irreverence has become quite habitual.

That irreverent bunch that are the envy of most,

To you I drink this farewell toast;
My term had ended; it’s been a blast,
Thank you 544; you’ve been an entertaining cast.

Written by then District Grand Inspector of Workings, Dominic De Candia, at the end of his term. This beautifully summed up the Lodge in a poem in which he refers to us as Lodge Irreverent 544.

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