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We do a lot of singing both during a Lodge meeting and after when at dinner (known as the "South"). We have a very special song that is an old tradition of ours that is generally reserved for special events or distinguished visitors. One of the Brothers will jump on the piano and we will all sing this beautiful and stirring song with gusto. And yes. We sing the latin version!

Gaudeamus Igitur


Gaudeamus igitur, 


Iuvenes dum sumus


Post Iucundam iuventutem 


Post molestam senectutem 


Nos habebit humus 


Nos habebit humus 




Ubi sunt qui ante nos, 


In mundo fuere? 


Vadite ad superos 


Transite in inferos 


Ubi am fuere


Ubi am fuere 

Let us therefore rejoice,


While we are young.


After our youth,


After a troublesome old age,


The earth will hold us.


The earth will hold us.




Where are they now,


That preceded us in this world?


You may search the heavens.


You may traverse the underworld.


If you wish to find them.


If you wish to find them.

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