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A Toast to Our Visitors

Before I do play the obliging host,
let me ask what’s in a visitor’s toast?

What gives this rank of merit utmost?

I’ve reflected on this, and diagnose:

that to visit means to get up and go,
as one can’t visit anything at home resposed,

the visitor, venture, however small, sows.

So, we congratulate those with get up and go, yes,

but, true visitors also must say their hellos,

meaning charm comes with all who visit our roasts.

But if visitation is get up and go,
is charming us all by well met hellos,
it must also have aims for leaving one’s post.

Seems fair to assume a visitor’s disposed
to desires to share, to learn and to know
this rich mix of cultures, foods, and riposte,

the best of he often finds he borrows-
an exchange drawing all a little more close.

It’s a theme our community ritually boasts,
a focus on we and not our egos.
Where we learn to see all as brothers not foes,
And from sharing our wares, comes sharing our woes.

And so, I may say, without being grandiose,

visitation truly improves status quos,
given all’s politely had apropos.
(Anyway, I see no brothers here bellicose.)

And so, if visitation is get up and go,

is charming us all by well met hellos,

is the desire to share and to know,
is the exchange that bring us all close,

is seeing us all as brothers not foes,

is encouraging sharing of wares, and then woes,

thus truly improving on our status quos...

If, so,
I suppose, there’s plenty each of us owes,
each time here but one charming visitor shows.

Their hard work performing these interesting roles,

contributing to all of our mutual growths

To conclude, as I’m sure you are all but engrossed,

the above’s why we guard this tradition foremost.

And proud I am we at LUOS
do raise a glass for every dose!

And on that fine thought, Bros, the actual toast-

which as you’ll remember, it always goes:

To Our Visitors!

Written by MM, Patrick J. Kilmartin- member of Lodge University of Sydney,
and Lodge Trinity College Dublin, London
- delivered to Lodge University of Sydney, 19th July 2018.

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