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Welcome to the website of Lodge University of Sydney, number 544 on the register of the United Grand Lodge of NSW & ACT,

This Lodge, which is approaching the end of its first century of existence welcomes all Masons but provides a particular home for those who are attracted to academe and the peculiar mental quirks which spring from that association. Named after the University of Sydney which was the only game in town in 1920, it provides a Masonic home for those of academic bent who also delight in the practice of the Craft when in Sydney. There were moves some years ago to amend the name to reflect the increased number of universities now in Sydney but we have kept to the traditions implicit in the original name.

Our Lodge is serious when at work and playful when at play. If you wish to join Masons who revel in their Masonry, you should give us a look in. We have a wide range of ages but are all young at heart.

If you are not yet a Mason but seeking to become one, look through this site and see if we are likely to suit you. There is information elsewhere which can start you on your path.


Two warnings – the path is never-ending and if you become involved you will always get back far more than you can ever put in.

I have had 50 years on the path and I still have lots to learn!

Bob Lions


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